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Many of us have been working from home.  We’ve been trying this for months, and now it’s time to do it better than what we could come up with when we only had short notice, or even no notice, last spring. 

Tired of giving out your personal cell number to everyone, but still need the flexibility to use your smartphone sometimes? Globalink can help! We have a voip softphone and a large number of global phone numbers available.

You can have one “office” virtual number that you give out, and with your Globalink Unified Number, you can:

  • *Route calls to your office desk phone when you’re in the office
  • *Ring you with that same number at your desk phone at your home office when you are working from home
  • *Reach you on a softphone on your smartphone, but only when you want it to.

*If you prefer, you can have the auto-attendant hunt you down. Just tell it which number to try first, second, third, etc., and it will keep trying to find you and connect the caller to you live.

What are the options?

You can route your calls, telling it where to ring you on certain hours and days of the week. When you want to be working, the auto-attendant can reach you live, and when you are off the clock, it can take voicemail.

Your voicemail even has a lot of options. You can have it emailed it to you as a voice file attachment. You can even have it come as a document that you could read.

Find out more about Globalink business phone numbers or contact us for more information.

There are so many options that it might sound confusing. Here are just a few examples of how it can work.

Globalink Working Remotely


Example #1 – Susan, sales professional

Susan is currently on a hybrid schedule. She is at the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays but works from home on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. She occasionally goes on a few in-person sales calls, while doing others over Zoom from home or work.

Susan has ONE number that she gives out to everyone.

She likes to program that number to ring to her desk at the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays and on her computer at home on Monday-Wednesday-Friday, although she is looking into some good deals on a voip desk phone for home, too.

When she goes on those sporadic sales calls, she uses Globalink’s software “phone” on her smartphone, taking calls on the road as needed, but without having to share her cell number with everyone. Then she can set the softphone to go to voicemail during her meeting.

She also likes being able to use the Globalink softphone to text customers who prefer texting, all while using her one professional Globalink unified number, rather than her personal cell number. It’s just one more way to keep her personal and business life separate.

Example #2 – Bob, On-the-go Contractor

Bob is a contractor, usually on-the-go, and he can’t always predict when he will be at a desk.

Bob just sets up his Globalink unified number to a calling tree. The virtual assistant answers the calls, and then forwards them to his various extensions in the order Bob chooses, which is usually to ring the softphone on his smartphone first, but he still likes that those callers don’t have his personal cell phone and won’t call him on that number after hours when he is spending time with his family. He keeps business and home separate.

Of course, when he is at the desk at the office or his home office, he can use that same number on the voip desk phones he has there.

Bob likes that he still gets professional messages, but his family time can be uninterrupted.

He also likes being able to invite customers to text him, and he can text them, all with his professional, Globalink unified number, rather than giving out his personal cell phone just to be able to text. And it’s a lot easier and less expensive than using two actual cell phones. All it takes is the app on his phone.

What are the costs?

If your business uses Globalink’s network, all the calls between people on your network are free. Costs are minimal outside the network.

There is a minimal monthly charge for each Globalink unified phone number, starting at $4.80/month USD and dependingon location, but it is much less than you would pay for multiple phone numbers, or especially cheaper than having a separate cell phone.

Contact Globalink today for a personalized quote for your unique business situation. We can help determine which solutions would work best for you to streamline your communications.