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Working from home due to the Coronavirus

Globalink Network
Globalink Network

Due to the travel restrictions and the spread of the Coronavirus, we are offering our Globalink Virtual Office package at a discount. We hope this will allow employees and business owners to work from your home.
Globalink service can be setup using the Mobile App from either iOS or Android. Scan the smart code or QR code and the App will automatically configure itself to work on Globalink Service.
There is also an option to use WebRTC (no software install needed on your computer) if you are using a browser like Chrome. You can receive and make calls right from within the web interface.
Globalink can provide you a personal local phone number that can ring right on your smartphone. You do not have to give out your personal mobile number for customers to contact you. The Globalink Virtual office can also screen your calls which is like having your own personal receptionist. The Globalink Phone Service can email voice mail as an audio file attachment. You can then listen to the messages right on your computer or your phone at your convenience. You can be productive working safe in your home.
We also have international numbers in case you are not able to return home but have to work from a remote location overseas. Your local numbers in any of our countries can be set to ring you wherever you are. For an example you can have your US number ring you in Rome, Italy or vice-versa by passing expensive international charges using our service.

You can contact Globalink Support by clicking here.

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