Globalink Mobile

Work-From-Home and Teleconferencing Services and more

In times like these where we are all changing how we do business, and even life in general, Globalink is here to help you navigate the options to stay connected online, in a very secure way. 

Much of our workforce is looking for ways to work from home right now during the current crisis.  Globalink can help you set up those services while keeping your private communications secure.

Work-From-Home Globalink Solutions

Tired of giving out your personal cell number to everyone, but still need the flexibility to use your smartphone sometimes? Globalink can help! We have a voip softphone and a large number of global phone numbers available.

You can have one “office” virtual number that you give out, and with your Globalink Unified Number, you can:

  • *Route calls to your office desk phone when you’re in the office
  • *Ring you with that same number at your desk phone at your home office when you are working from home
  • *Reach you on a softphone on your smartphone, but only when you want it to.

*If you prefer, you can have the auto-attendant hunt you down. Just tell it which number to try first, second, third, etc., and it will keep trying to find you and connect the caller to you live.

Keeping private communications secure

While many businesses can use common sources such as Zoom, Google meeting, etc., other businesses need a higher level of security and/or privacy.  Globalink offers teleconferencing services that are on a private server to keep your communications secure. We have high definition voice services and call recording, as well as video conferencing.

We are able to help those in the legal profession and others who by law need to keep web communications private and secure. There’s no need to risk the health of your or you clients when everything can be done via our secure video connections.

Telemedicine and TeleHealth

Telemedicine and TeleHealth services will obviously need to be secure, clear, and private, and we can offer those services to clients in any location as well. Participants can even use mobile devices.

Billing software

In addition, to help you keep track of billing for your time, where applicable, we have billing software that will keep track of the length of time of the conference, and can even bill that in real  time to the client if needed.   

Mobile apps

Most of our services are available and work well on mobile devices as well as computers.

Each business or organization has unique needs.  Please contact our support staff for customized ideas and solutions to fit your needs.