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Looking For A Cloud Based Call Centre?

Globalink Business Phone ServiceOur Virtual Call Centre  keeps track (call detail records)  of all calls made or received by an extension or phone number.

The Globalink Virtual Call Centre can be setup to record all calls if that is a requirement for your business.

This application can be branded with your company name.

Take your office with you so that you, your staff or customers can work from any location.
Setup your mobile office with your own voice mail, auto attendant, DIDs and much more.

Setup call queues so that your customers can wait for next operator and listen to music or announcements while waiting. Globalink Call Centre Service will transfer call to next operator that becomes available.

Large enterprise hosted pbx software in the cloud at your finger tips without the large expense. No expensive server required at your location.  All you need is our Globalink Call Centre Mobile APP available for iOS and Android or use your computer with Globalink SoftPhone or VoIP Phone.

You can provide your staff or customers online web control panel access to your server so they can manage their call history, voice mail, find-me, follow-me, call queues etc online.

All billing can be done online and your customers can be sent invoices with all call history.

Call Conferencing can also be enabled for Phone Meetings with Globalink APPs.

Voice mail can be sent to your email so you can listen to it directly from your smartphone or tablet.

We can provide you US or international Phone Numbers to link to your account.

Run your business from anywhere in the world. You can setup your own global phone number or DID. Perhaps your staff is located in India but your customers are primarily in the United States. You can purchase a United States Phone Number and then forward it to Globalink Virtual Call Centre Service. Our Virtual Call Centre will then route your call automatically to you so you can answer the call.

Need To Stay In Touch With Your Office While Travelling?

Globalink Virtual Call Centre

Setup the Globalink Call Centre Mobile APP in your iOS or Android smart phone.
Our Call Centre Mobile APP
 will allow you to receive and make calls worldwide.
You can transfer calls or conference your colleagues or customers.
Or use Globalink WebRTC Globalink Call Centre Service without the need to install any software.
Purchase a Globalink Call Centre Phone Number from the country you are travelling from, so callers can call you as if you were still home.


Globalink Call Centre FeaturesGlobalink Virtual Call Centre Service
Call ForwardingFind Me, Follow Me, SMS, Fax, Voice Mail
Call RoutingCan be setup in the Automated Attendant
Call ScreeningBased on pre-configured setup for an example by Caller ID
Call RecordingIf you need to keep audio records of calls
Call ConferenceFor meetings or to add someone else in the conversation
Call QueuesIf you wish for customers to hold online for live person to answer
Control PanelFunds Recharge, Automated International DID Provisioning,  and Phone Management in sophisticated Online Web Portal
Existing Business LineInternational Phone Number Porting so you can move your current phone number to Globalink Virtual Cloud Centre Phone Service



Automate your Answering Service with all the Globalink Cloud Based Virtual Call Centre Features
Please contact Support for more Advance Call Centre PBX  Functions

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