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Turkey Virtual Business Phone Numbers


Get A Virtual Business Phone Number in Turkey!

Turkey Virtual Business Phone Number

Turkey Virtual Business Phone Number will allow you to stay connected with your customers from around the world. For an example, a Istanbul, Turkey Virtual Business Phone Number, will give you a local presence in a city that straddles both Europe and Asia. Your customers can contact you without making an international call. Or perhaps you live in Ankara, Turkey and just want to add a local phone number in  Izmir, Turkey. Our Cloud based VoIP Service is quite sophisticated. It can track and screen your calls for you. You can forward the number to your mobile phone, conference your colleague or route your calls elsewhere as you wish. Or you can have Globalink Automated Answering Service record the voice mail and send it to you via email as a mp3 or wav audio file. Or you can have our system transcribe the call into text so you can read it later. Our technology helps you connect with the customers you wish to talk to, all at your own convenience.

Do you travel for Business in Turkey?

Setup a Turkey Globalink Virtual Business Phone Number in your iOS or Android smart phone.
Our Mobile APP will allow you to receive and make calls worldwide.
Or use Globalink WebRTC Turkey Virtual Business Phone Service without the need to install any software.
Purchase a Globalink Virtual Business Phone Number from the country you are travelling from, so callers can call you as if you were still home.

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Turkey Business Phone Numbers

Country Name : Turkey
Country Code : 90


City Name City Code
Turkey 811
Turkey 850
Adana 322
Ankara 312
Antalya 242
Balikesir 266
Bursa 224
Canakkale 286
Diyarbakir 412
Edirne 284
Erzincan 446
Eskisehir 222
Gaziantep 342
Giresun 454
Hatay 326
Istanbul Asia 216
Istanbul Europe 212
Izmir 232
Kahramanmaras 344
Malatya 422
Manisa 236
Mardin 482
Samsun 362
Trabzon 462
TurkeyOther 90

GLOBALINK Software As A Service (SaaS)

  1. Use CLOUD based GLOBALINK VOIP technology for your online billing.
  2. Provision and manage our latest CLOUD based MOBILE telephony apps.
  3. Large enterprise HOSTED PORTABILLING PBX software in the CLOUD at your finger tips without the large expense.
  4. No local server or switch required. We provide the CLOUD SOFTWARE and servers.
  5. Online web control panel to manage all  your services and billing.
  6. Link InterNational or United States phone numbers to your CLOUD APP.
  7. Run your business from anywhere in the World!


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