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Text with Your Virtual Phone Number

Globalink SMS
Do you want to be able to use text messages to keep in touch with international customers? But you don’t want to give out your cell number and incur a lot of extra charges? Our Globalink virtual phone and text number is a great solution!

How does it work?

With the Globalink virtual phone and text number, you can use our free app on your smartphone to:

  • Send and receive texts from anywhere in the world.
  • Keep your private mobile number private
  • Use your one business number for desk phone calls, or mobile calls and texts on our free mobile app
  • In-network texts are free, and out-of-network is a much smaller fee than most international texting
  • Use the same business number for phone calls or texts. Choose a number for your area, or for another country that you want to do business in, anywhere in the world.

You can even use the web interface online on your computer for text messages, if you prefer.

Keeping up with your staff with texting is free in-network when they all are using their virtual text and phone numbers, anywhere in the world!

You can make sure that your aren’t getting business texts on your personal mobile phone. And, you can make sure that you don’t get business texts confused with your personal messages because the business texts will be on our separate mobile app. You can also set up different ring tones, notifications, etc. for your business number.

What does it cost?

Many phone numbers (DIDs) start at just $4.95/month. Then there are usage charges for calls and texts, which are minimal and depend on location. Many locations are a fraction of a penny per minute or text. If you are keeping in touch with your own group, sales force, business, etc., the calls and texts are free in-network.

For more detailed information for the locations you would have numbers for all call, contact us for pricing information.