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Country Name : Venezuela
Country Code : 58
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Tired of giving out your personal cell number to everyone, but still need the flexibility to use your smartphone sometimes?

Globalink can help! We have an integrated MOBILE APP with our CLOUD PHONE SERVICE

You have access to a large number of global phone numbers on Globalink’s Network.

You can have one “office” virtual number that you give out, and with your Globalink Unified Number, you can:
*Route calls to your office desk phone when you’re in the office
*Ring you with that same number at your desk phone at your home office when you are working from home
*Reach you on a softphone on your smartphone, but only when you want it to.
*If you prefer, you can have the auto-attendant hunt you down. Just tell it which number to try first, second, third, etc., and it will keep trying to find you and connect the caller to you live.

BUY Phone numbers from US, Canada, Americas, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Africa and Asia! 
Phone Numbers can be used in a variety of ways so you can stay connected with friends, family or your customers from around the world.


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